Monday, June 26, 2006

I know you are but what am I?

Officially, we here at the Foundation do not endorse a particular party or even a specific political philosophy. Although certain members have strong points of view concerning the "major issues of the day" and even are known to occasionally take an active role in "elections" - the raison d'etre of the foundation is commentary and observation, not advocacy. What brings all those under the Foundation's umbrella together in gleeful celebration is not politics, but rather the agreement that certain segments of the population need to be thinned, and soon. (Unfortunately for progress, the populations in question are all represented here at the foundation - which makes for some interesting Foundation Christmas parties)
However, we can not help but note this article in the Guardian. Subtitled: "From Kansas to South Carolina - Republican moderates are turning their backs on the neocons and defecting to the enemy", the article notes the defecation (pun intended) of moderate Republicans to the Democratic party and the beginning of a movement away from the extreme right toward the moderate center. Although we are somewhat dismayed by the potential drop in entertaining sound bytes and always enjoyable right-wing propaganda, we are also heartened in the awakening of general population. Granted this awakening is probably 4 years too late but nonetheless things may be changing. This is not to say that we expect Utopia is now right around the corner, in fact things will undoubtably get much worse before they get any better, but that some have finally begun to take notice is a first step.

We also affectionately note the reference made to one of our favorite authors - Thomas Frank, whose woefully out of date  website beguiles the fact that he has perpetually been 3-4 years ahead of his time politically and culturally. In addition, we heartily entreat our faithful readers to have a gander at the shirt they mention as well - a shirt that we here at the Foundation would have been proud to call our own. Not that we endorse the Democrats by any stretch of the imagination, but just appreciate the fact that we now have yet another visual image to prolong the enjoyment of sex. The idea of Bush the Elder pulling out midstroke and uttering, "No gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent..." and Barbara Bush biting off his head like the starved preying mantis she undoubtably is, will undoubtably be a fixture of many a session for months to come. On a side note - We are also glad to see that Scottie Pippen has found gainful employment at long last. We can only hope this helps to keep his inexplicably burdgeoning family fed.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Would Paris Do? (WWPD?)

Never let it be said that I, for one, am an advocate for

Advocate, is not the right word. Advocacy, by definition, implies effort - usually long sweaty hours actually speaking to others.

Not a pleasant thought.

It is much easier to hurl stones at the glass house from behind a wall. Besides I have air conditioning in here and in addition, I have vast quantities of porn to occupy the idle hands the Devil seems so eager to insist I use for mutual defilement.

I am not an advocate despite the fact that the life of a musician-cum-lade-student is largely defined by the phrase "lack thereof" rather than "an abundance of" and thus I would be on the beneficial side of the presumed revolution. After all, who shoots the drummer boy? No one does. The drummer boy always lives.

Now that that has been said, those feisty Britons over in the Guardian newspaper produced an article which notified those in the US who care to listen that the American Dream was, in fact, now over. News I am sure to some. After all there are people who believe in the existence of a boy named "Jesus", that the earth was created in 7 literal days, and that there really are 
WMDs in Iraq, 
but not so for others. No, unfortunately for me, I am
not an advocate. I am an observer and by definition this means that I see

Yes, Dear Virginia, the American Dream is dead. Maybe it never was. Maybe it was just something they told us to feel good about ourselves, to make us feel special in an otherwise ordinary existence, or to justify what they took with the promise that we too could have such things, if only we worked hard enough. Love, hope, faith, and charity may exist in some sense but try to buy some pop at the local food mart with any of these and you'll go home thirsty. Nope. Once you wake up, there's no sense in trying to recapture what you lost.

Sometimes dreams are best left unsaid, lest they die an undignified death.

Article: "Paris Hilton Siezes Restrooms"

Monday, August 22, 2005

With a name like...

With a name like The Thin the Herd Foundation one might expect that we'd have pretty strong feelings concerning evolution. And you would be right. (score one for the home team) It seems like everyone has an opinion on this topic these days from "el pendejo más grande del mundo" to the lowest of the low. For those who wish to follow the debates the New York Times is currently doing a series of articles describing the debate. The main page can be found here. We recommend giving it a gander.

As for us? Debate, what the debate ?!? We made up our minds a long time ago. Right about the time the first creepy crawler fish decided it needed some fun n' sun on the sand and sashayed into history. We much prefer De-evolution to creationism and random chance to intelligent design (an oxymoron if you take into account who claims it).

If you want to see evolution in action just look at the EVOLUTION of all those Jesus fishes. Or bumper stickers. Fashion. DNA. The evolution of the idea of creationism into intelligent design! Or could prove you deserve to be on the right side of the gun when the revolution comes - and read a book! The "Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism" by Robert T. Pennock looks at the evolution of language as an example against the biblical view of the world.
Fine reading.
Until next time, play nice and spike the punch kiddies!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is God Going Biblical on the Boy Scouts?

Big Gal Al

It seems that the Boy Scouts can't catch a break lately. Last month there were the four scout leaders who were electrocuted pitching a tent [ed. note - pun intended]. Then a few days later 300 scouts get sick due to heat exhaustion waiting for President Bush to speak to them. Then on July 30th a scout leader and a 13-yr old are killed and 6 others are injured by a lightning strike. And yesterday an 8-year-old girl died and three others were injured when a tree fell on them.

Now as firm believers in random chance, the staff here at the Thin the Herd Foundation concedes that this may be nothing more than a random confluence of tragedies involving one organization. However this is no ordinary organization, since it must be remembered that the Scouts are adamantly opposed to allowing atheists, agnostics and homosexuals into their organization as scout leaders.

Therefore we must ask the question - "Is God going Biblical on the Scouts Ass?" Eh, who knows? We are perhaps uniquely unqualified to answer that question. Nonetheless we cannot help but like the idea here at the foundation since seeing this as divine retribution for an unduly judgmental and intolerant organization strikes a resounding chord with us. It is the height of divine humor that those who are often so quick to judge others never seem to consider the fact that they themselves may also be judged and punished accordingly - and therein lays the real tragedy.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What's new at the Foundation...

Well, first off - Hello!
Welcome to the official launch of The Thin-the-Herd Foundation blog site, your official source for news, happenings and information produced and distributed by our hard-working and disturbingly underpaid staff! We here at the foundation have officially taken our first steps into the brave new world of 21st century technology so saddle up, down the soylent green, and come along with us into the unknown.